Chesza had always had an appreciation and interest in the field of art. Her dream when she was a child was to be an archeologist, but as she grew up she recognized her love for art and design was on the rise. She decided to study design in Europe and went on to complete masters of design in Paris, France. Chesza completed an architectural masters at Harvard University, and taught architecture for several years. She recognized her true passion was designing and building, and it was time for her to create her own success with her own company with the knowledge and skills obtained over the years to do so. Establishing her own presence in the design and building industry she went on to create CIE Design and Build.

“Chesza appreciated antiquities which stemmed from many years of European design projects, and is continuously blending historic practices, and antique like elements with modern design”.

A memorable project of hers is an apartment design in Paris. Chesza explains her friend has “the most amazing” apartment in Saint Honore, Paris. Chesza completed the project independently while minimally collaborating with the owner of the apartment. She explains the details of the apartment included 20 ft ceilings, frescos, antiques, furniture and accent pieces from around the world. Her friend who owned the apartment also owned an art gallery in which many pieces were used to create a specific sanctuary Chesza envisioned.  She appreciated the ability she had to incorporate a variety of elements in one space. She explains the project as something so unique and so different than anything she had completed before. When reflecting on the project she explains how she did not at the time and still does not think of this project as her job, rather an enormous passion that she felt blessed to be part of.

. “This was a project of more than art, design and colours, it was a project of love”.

The Hub is honored to be home to CIE Design and Build, and looks forward to future successes and opportunities Chesza and her business are part of.