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A concept developed in 2005 by senior software engineer Brad Neuberg. Introduced as a community and collaborative environment among various industry professionals. Co-working is a community where professionals have the opportunity to collect and elaborate ideas pertaining to their businesses, while also attaining a welcoming environment to meet their partners, clients, potential shareholders according to their schedules. Developed at a time technology was facilitating such gatherings in new and unprecedented ways co-working made an impact across industries such as retail, media, marketing, engineering, among many others shaping the way entrepreneurs collaborate and develop their businesses. Today there is a total of 14,411 co-working spaces around the world.

Opportunities are unlimited in co-working environments as is mentoring, learning, development opportunities, networking, and community aspects. Stated by Tony Bungarlio “Co-working represents a fundamentally new way of thinking about how we work and share with one another”.



Ideas are developed and executed best when presented and transposed among a group of individuals with a variety of skills, strengths and creativity. The co-working opportunity allows for these ideas to be developed in the most modern and beneficial ways being able to collaborate and elaborate on details with professionals who contribute divergent aspects. As co-working continues to develop in cities around the world it has allowed its meaning to become ambiguous as it’s use grows. Knowingly aspects of the market are continuously changing, technology, demands, needs. Co-working is the perfect environment to keep up with the change. 

The office sector is the forgotten sector. If you consider hotels, restaurants, or your home – the level of expectation of what we will receive in these places is much higher but the irony is that we spend most of our life in the office.

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