Meticulosity Inc. – Nida Khan


“Virtual Support for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses”

Harnessing the power of collaboration, Meticulosity Inc. was created to offer support to female entrepreneurs and female-led small businesses in core and growth areas of their businesses so they may better balance their personal and professional lives.

An executive assistant herself for almost a decade, with an operations management background, founder and CEO Nida Khan knows the level of emotional intelligence and dedication required to always be one-step ahead of a small business owner, working in synchronized harmony to maintain and grow a successful business.  

Offering her years of experience, she has curated a highly trained team of virtual assistants to do just that, without the expense of a full time executive assistant employee. 

Meticulosity’s core services include:

  • Research and analysis
  • Data entry
  • Document editing/review
  • Organizing company files/set up online
  • Managing proposals and invoices
  • Task reminders
  • Calendar appointment scheduling
  • Client care via phone and email
  • Social media management
  • E-Newsletter creation and management
  • Website copy or creative updates
  • Operations manual creation

As well, growth related tasks covered by expert virtual assistants include:

  • Copywriting
  • Image/creative creation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Event planning and management

For females, the motivation behind starting a business is flexibility in lifestyle and work schedules more than acquiring wealth. Approximately 63% of women plan to open their own business for this reason, while only 51% of men do so. 

However, on average, female entrepreneurs are younger and have fewer years of management/ownership experience compared to their male counterparts.  

To achieve greater success and reduce failure rates, Meticulosity hopes to close this gap by offering female entrepreneurs, experienced assistants in various areas of business at a fraction of the cost of hiring employees.

Aligning with collaborative values, The Hub provides the perfect combination of co-working space, meeting rooms, and private offices for any small business to thrive through its’ various stages of growth. With flexible plans, any small business owner can easily move up or down with the level of services they require as their business needs fluctuate.  An incredibly professional atmosphere, The Hub allows small business owners to integrate with the local business community seamlessly, increasing brand exposure and as a result, sales.

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