Paul Ciaravella ~ Holistic nutritional counselling


My name is Paul Ciaravella and I am part of WBA; Woodbridge business association. I met Marco a few months ago, while The Hub Vaughan was still in its early stages of being  conducted. I grasped and greatly appreciated the concept and idea behind this magnificent facility, and at the moment I became The Hub Vaughan’s very first client.

With a reputable background in holistic nutritional counselling, I have started and maintained my own small business in the nutritional field. With great desire my goal was to learn all I could about nutrition. Unfortunately in 2008 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, which caused me to alter my typical routines, and create a different plan for my future than I had intended.

Parkinson has caused many setbacks, and offered many alternatives in my life, however it has not kept me from accomplishing my goals. In 2013 I became the Author of two books Shaken But In Control and Are You Eating Organic?. Both of my books focus on the emphasis of a healthy, and natural lifestyle, and all the benefits it provides.

Along with the success of my two books I offer products containing bio-sourced chlorella, such as tea’s, meal replacements and other options in which help with cleansing, and restoring natural body flows. Often, I also arrange health seminars to educate and share my knowledge with others and showcase my products in hopes to introducing a healthier beneficial lifestyle.

I am overly satisfied working in The Hub Vaughan facility. Aside from having a place to focus on my business I have the ability to store my belongings, network among many local business owners, and connect with the fantastic team behind The Hub all in one place. The Hub offers state of the art security, and the most modernized spaces yet.

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