Staying on Track During The Holidays!

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Between the baking, the shopping, the visiting and all other festivities going on during the Holidays it can be difficult to keep things on track, and ensure all your tasks are completed on time. If one thing about the Holidays is for sure its that you have enough to do, and you don’t need to add stressing out on your to do list. Take a look at our Helpful Holiday list to keep you on track this Holiday season, and ensure everything you need will be done in time for you to kick back and relax with those who matter most!

Schedule in Advance:

If you know upcoming due dates are on the rise, schedule days and times for upcoming weeks to work on tasks. A Wednesday here, a Monday there schedule a little bit of time everywhere to have your work completed well before its due date!

Write it Down:

It happens to the best of us! Our intention is to lock every necessary detail in our brain, but the truth of the matter is we can only recall so much. Have a notepad handy to note down important details so no matter how big or small you will remember them all!


Your office may seem like the “least festive” place to be during this time, but the work won’t do itself right! Dedicate certain times of your day to more “exciting” like making gift lists, or finding holiday recipes. By dedicating the three hours to work, and the one hour to fun you’ll be shocked in just how much you get done!

You are a Human BEING not a HUMAN doing:

To do lists are helpful, but not the only element necessary for your success during this time. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Expectations may be high, but there is nothing you can’t handle and you know it. Take the time to recognize how much you’ve done and how far you’ve come.The year is almost gone, and what better time to reflect on all the wonderful moments you were apart of.

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