The Hub and 2018!

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It is no surprise that at the kick off of 2018 The Hub services were a hot commodity to all. The launch of our co-working was a new and exciting addition to the Vaughan community. Although co-working has continued to grow in many areas in the heart of Toronto The Hub is proud to be the home of Vaughan’s first innovative co-working space.

The executive offices in which share the same floor as our co-working space offers a more private but just as innovative work space. In less than a year offices obtained higher demand each and every day bringing us to the end of 2018 with only few 8 x 8 offices available and all 10 x 10 offices home to many prospering local businesses. In fact the Demand for our Hub Offices was so high, the development of first floor offices came about in October and has almost reached its fullest occupancy.

With two floors fully developed and the on going development of our third floor storage we are eager to welcome new clients and offer unique storage solutions unlike any other storage space in the community. Our wow factor safety deposit boxes and wine storage never fail to exceed expectations of each and every tour of the facility.

Each aspect of The Hub was designed and implemented to not only be a functional and efficient space, but to also meet on going needs of members and provide spaces incomparable to any other facility before. The Hub staff is always looking forward to providing tours and information of all The Hub has to offer, and never fails to bring the excitement and exceed expectations of clients. Over the 2018 year many clients continue to appreciate the creative and modern aspects implemented strategically to work spaces to prosper inspiration, admiration and dedication to new ideas. Mark Tatone, one of The Hub directors is recognized here at The Hub on a daily basis for his creative abilities and unique additions that have resulted in an original ambiance in which caught the attention among all Hub members. 2018 has come and gone so fast and 2019 is soon approaching. With the great success, and such wonderful members in which make up The Hub community we look forward to the new journey that awaits The Hub in 2019.

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