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The fastest way to get a custom, secure, easy-to- use website (with ongoing service). For more than 15 years, Web on Demand has been building websites, providing internet services like hosting and domains, and adapting to the ever-changing trends of the constantly evolving web. After many years in the trenches, the team at Web on Demand realized many projects suffer from miscommunication, ill-defined expectations, and ever-changing requirements. This results in an endless process that’s over complicated, over budget, and often fails to reach its goals. As well, the tools available for building websites were either limiting, hard to navigate, or lacked the robustness required for clients’ needs.

Thus, over the years they developed their own powerful in-house tool and defined a web design process to streamline website building without compromising flexibility or scalability for efficiency. Equipped with new service offerings and now a complete tool for building complex, dynamic websites,
Web on Demand decided to revamp and needed a new home for its “new” company. After visiting a number of co-working spaces across the GTA, they stumbled on The Hub. Referred to by another space, The Hub presented an unexpected number of business services. Not just a co-working space, it was
furnished with private offices, board rooms, vast storage space, and even a Bond-esque vault. The collaborative atmosphere, wide range of support services, and welcoming, genuine staff make The Hub aptly named. Web on Demand found its new home.

With a new base, Web on Demand continues to offer customers a range of services including:
 Web Design
 Hosting
 E-commerce
 Website Upgrade Plans

Always striving to be better, their defining principle is providing clients with the premium experience. At the core of its business, Web on Demand will build you a responsive custom website featuring all of the latest gadgets. When users want to make changes to their websites, the genuinely easy-to- use CMS
provides a hassle-free way of updating your content to reflect your vision. All websites are assured to be secure, continuously supported, and built in 5 days or less. From past experiences, the Web on Demand team has established a foolproof way to guarantee a project’s success with results delivered in a stress-free environment. Whether you need a simple landing page, a robust e-commerce site, or a creative platform to launch your new business, Web on Demand has a solution for you.

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