How To Get Inspired!


We all know it doesn’t matter how trendy your workspace may be, there comes a time where you need a little push to get things started, or on the move. Motivation is different than inspiration, and although you may be motivated to put your pen to paper, the question is are you inspired to work your pen and paper into some quality ideas. Here are Five ideas to ignite your inspiration!

    1. Something New is Something to To!

You can’t expect a change to happen, without taking any action. Switch up your routine, add something in or take something out. Whatever your doing now is not enough so take action and change things up!

  2.  Be a book Worm!

It is easier than it seems. Pick your favourite topic, an idol, a place and there is most definitely a book about it. Whether you want to expand on skills you know, or learn something you don’t reading is the best way to foster new ideas.

    3.   Chat it up!

We all know the catchphrase, “communication is key”. Bounce an idea off someone you know, or someone you don’t know. Ask for their honest opinion, be open minded to their suggestions. When we talk to others they are able to acknowledge aspects unknown to us.


Did we say Podcast? There is a podcast out there for everyone, and everything…..literally. Search up something you want to hear more about, or haven’t heard anything about before. Listening to discussions of others helps to create new ideas, and thought processes in our own minds. Go on give it a listen, bet you’ll bet to want to chime in!


   5. Walk it off!

Step away from your desk, leave your office, and get going. Taking a walk has proven to allow individuals to clear their minds, and become more productive when returning to their everyday tasks. The 15 minute walk you take is far more valuable than the 30 minutes of head scratching and day dreaming currently happening at your desk….trust us!

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