Winter Blues? We’ve Got Good News!

Temperatures are dropping no doubt, but that doesn’t mean your commitments should follow. The colder the temperatures, the more we crave sitting at home, blanket, warm drinks, and maybe even some chips…or the whole bag, we won’t judge you! Don’t let winter get in the way of your commitments, we’ve made the oath to stick to our resolutions and you can too! Here are a few ways to help you stick to your commitments this winter, whatever they may be.


Schedule outings while your already out of the house. It is easier to go places when your already on the move. Don’t temp yourself to staying home, by making plans either on the way, or after an event so there is no need to stop at home and your already out in the cold!


You can’t cancel an outing, when others are relying on you to get there! Nominate yourself to be your friends chauffeur for the day or night so that staying home is not an option!


Not all your outings are social, we get it. Who wants to leave a warm spot on the couch for a treadmill at the gym? (No one). Set yourself a goal as often as you’d like and reward yourself for reaching the goals. Treadmill for 15 minutes = those new shoes you’ve been eyeing!

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