An Effective Meeting!


One of the most crucial parts to success in any industry is the quality of meetings. Whether it be large organizations, or intimate firms the standard and quality of a meeting determines much of the progress and success of projects, and/or tasks relative to the business. Key attributes of a successful meeting depend on the following: communication, engagement, development and commitment.

Communication: Over 55% of our communication depends on our non-verbals, such as body language, gestures, eye contact posture etc. By mastering non-verbal skills you will be able to communicate your message effectively not only with the words we use, but also with the use of paralinguistic communication. The importance of communicating clearly, and information conveyed is accurate is essential in a meeting is essential in avoiding misunderstanding, or misrepresentation of topics.

Engagement: Is your team engaged? If the messages you are portraying are accurate, but individuals are not engaged then your meeting is ineffective. Encourage involvement in your meeting, by asking questions and opinions. Engagement from the whole team is showing team members they are valued, and their skills are needed.

Development: Small actions in the right direction lead to great lengths. Using visuals to represent timelines, progress, and statuses help team members understand the scope of tasks and urgency to complete assigned tasks. Understanding competencies needed through duration of projects is important to project in a meeting, and will ensure a team is moving forward in synchronicity.

Commitment: Commitment to goal achievement is crucial from each individual. Ensure each member of your team is committed to executing strategies, skills, and knowledge required. Without commitment to reach success from the entire team, reaching a common goal will be challenging. It is important to emphasize necessary commitment in each meeting.

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