Baby It’s Getting Cold Outside!


In case you have not noticed or refuse to accept it, our temperatures have gone down and our thicker sweaters have come out! We can still appreciate our T-shirts, tanks, shorts and sandals without wearing them though. Just because our summer wardrobe has no purpose in our winter months why should we box and abandon them? These are our pieces, our clothes, our shoes, our accessories and we can all agree they DO NOT belong in boxes.

An executive storage unit is the perfect home for your summer wardrobe. With exclusive access, keyless entry, and the ability to add shelving, and/or racks as you may need. Our units havre the potential to be transformed into the perfect winter home for those summer belongings. In fact, build your dream closet to store all four seasons wardrobe necessities that you just don’t have the room for.

Who says you cant buy the shoes? Room for expanding your wardrobe is no longer your issue thanks to the endless possibilities our executive storage units have to offer at The Hub Vaughan.

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