How Dedicated Storage Spaces Help Companies Grow

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The months inevitably change, as do our desks, piling up with items lingering from the passing of the seasons. At the bottom of the infamous pile on your desk is an income statement from Winter 2019, and an itinerary from your holiday last March. Your storage drawers are full and you are consciously avoiding your desk. Is this beginning to sound familiar? Or a situation that’s inevitably going to creep up on you or someone dear to you? Keep reading –  as we’ve got the solution! Think about, a work space where you can rent storage space for cheap, STEPS away from a vibrant and dynamic workspace? All that and more, is available at The Hub.


Heading #1: Helps with Productivity

The Hub’s nature is for patrons to move around, change spots, hop on a phone call, or meet with other entrepreneurs. A phone call, picking up a shipment, important mid-day meetings are all part of a normal productive day for those who are self-employed. As a solution, having a central area to store your items saves you a lot of time. There’s no more hassle to carry all your belongings with you to meetings or important calls- making it so easy to walk-in, retrieve, return or store away belongings throughout the day. Having a messy workspace, scattered with goods from all around, it is difficult to process any new information while your focus is divided among the items that reside on your desk. Avoid making fatal mistakes, clear your desk with our storage solutions!


Heading #2 Keeps You Organized

Being able to keeping track of your belongings and items, whilst having them so easily accessible to you helps you keep exceptionally organized for so many reasons. Firstly, so often we are taking hours away from our day, searching for our personal and business items which is incredible impeding to our work schedules. By offering a one time spot for all your personal and business belongs (a 24/7 accessible workplace), you can work in peace, and work effectively knowing everything you need are only steps away.  Secondly, by having our items near us, you can better prepare for demos, meetings, and showcases. You can even organize your belongings to be prepared for a future meeting and let’s be frank; being organized limits stress when you’ve got that last minute call with that big PR agency.


Heading #3 Limits Stress

With your belongings all in one space, you be confident that they are secured. Relieving you of any stress so that you can focus on the work you need to do to continue to grow your company. Stress is scientifically proven to hinder your work, as presented in this article so limit it by having your storage space near you.

Having your items near you will help you get back to focusing on more important tasks that will help you and your company this spring. So, why not get a locker today and start co-working? The benefits are waiting for you!


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