The Evolution of Co working

Coworking truly is the new wave, providing a productive and dynamic environment for independent workers, but also a bastion of community esteem. It enables individuals to gather, share thoughts and ideas, and ultimately work without corporate constraints.

Like the cliché, Rome was not built in a day, neither was the philosophy that is coworking.


It all started in the 90s, like all good things. In 1995, Berlin was home to one of the original hackerspaces. Cited as a pre-model to coworking spaces, hackerspaces are physical locations where people can meet and work.

In 1999, DeKoven established “coworkng” as a way to facilitate collaborative work withcoordinated computers. He wanted to proselyte the manner in which business was done, from a hierarchical standpoint to a place of equity.

The 90s put forth the groundwork for coworking to one day strive, but let me now describe how it all came into fruition.

2005 – 2009

Let me take you all back to a time where Mariah Carey and 50 Cent ruled the airways, Batman Begins was a blockbuster, but most importantly the subtle birth of coworking occurred; 2005 was the time to be alive!

The term ‘coworking’, with respects to an allocated office environment was first coinedby Brad Neuberg in 2005. He was a fecund entrepreneur; he manifested the original coworkingspace in San Francisco. The “San Francisco Coworking Space” was open two days a week, andoccupied area in the Mission district of the Fog City. However, as eye-catching as the Neuberg’stitle was, his concept was stymied by the lack of knowledge and awareness that the society possessed on coworking.

Fast forward to 2007, coworking has emerged as a trend on Google’s database. The headscratcher that once was coworking has now stapled itself on to the platform of mainstream media. Additionally, viewed as one of the pioneers when it comes to coworking, Indyhall developed their space in Philadelphia with a community first, as opposed to the traditional form of a budget. To cap off the latter part of this year, coworking was rewarded its very own page on the English version of Wikipedia.

2008 was when the first unofficial coworking meet ups took place, which would blossom into the birth of a coworking visa. This visa enabled coworking spaces to allow members of other spaces to visit for free, thus ushering in a new advancement policy. As many view the 2008 Olympics as the headline of the year (Usain Bolt only broke three world records), many individuals brush over the fact that coworking spaces expanded to 160 worldwide, a feat I am sure Bolt is very jealous of.

“I’m Outta Here! How coworking is making the office obsolete”, was the first book oncoworking which debuted in 2009. This historic piece of literature described the workplace revolution that took place in the US.

2010 – 2022

If Justin Bieber’s “Baby” did not already mark 2010 as a monumental year, then thecommencement of national coworking day surely did. It marked five years since the first coworking day in 2005.

From 2011 to 2013, coworking continued its phenomenal development. It saw large companies such as Bank ING open their first space in none other than Toronto, as well as over 217000 tweets regarding coworking and its endeavors. Moreover, 2013 noticed over 100000 individuals operating in these spaces, with an uproar of over 3000 spaces worldwide.

Today, coworking truly is the softest global phenomenon there is, with a plethora ofindividuals still referring to the hit television show “The Office” when asked what it is. Nonetheless, these spaces are transpiring in most major cities at an annual growth rate of 24.2%, in addition to a predicted over 30432 coworking spaces and more than 5.1 million coworking members by the year 2022.

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in joining the beautiful up rise that is Coworking, or merely are curious about what the trend is like, then checkout “The Hub Vaughan”. They strive on providinga comprehensive modern multi-space for individuals and small businesses, whilst using the latest technology, security, and techniques in their environment.

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