What is a Multispace?


“In a general definition, a multispace is a finite or infinite union of many spaces that have various structures. The spaces may overlap. A such multispace can be used in physics for the Unified Field Theory that tries to unite the gravitational, electromagnetic, weak and strong interactions. Or in the parallel quantum computing and in the mu-bit theory, in multi-entangled states or particles and up to multi-entangles objects. It is believed that the multispace with its multistructure is the best candidate for 21^st century Theory of Everything in any domain. It connects many knowledge fields. The multispace is a qualitative notion, since it is too large and includes both metric and non-metric spaces. The notion of multispace was introduced by the author in 1969 under the idea of hybrid mathematics: combining different fields into a unifying field, which is closer to our real life, since we don’t have a homogeneous space, but many heterogeneous ones.” 

Quoted from Florentin Smarandache’s Theory of Everything.  

At the HUB,  our mission is to create this unified area to our Vaughan community facilitating a forum for strong interactions in the business and personal platform.  We provide a one stop shop for all your space needs.  Some of the services the HUB provides are detailed below.

Welcome your clients, relocate your employees, invite your friends and family and pack up your things. Bring anything and anyone of your choice because we have a place for them! Our modern multispace offers our members the ability to work, create, prosper and bring their ideas to life.

It doesn’t stop there!

With our event spaces, you can invite all your guests to your next party and leave them speechless with your unique and welcoming choice of venue. Events are supposed to be enjoyable, not stressful, even for the host. Our in house event coordinator cannot wait to meet you and make all your visions of your next event come to life. Our gourmet chef will be sure to serve mouthwatering, unforgettable dishes, catered to your specifications. Our multispace is all about the fine details, which is why we have in house audiovisual, entertainment, décor, and furniture vendors to assist in creating the atmosphere you desire. From elaborate to basic, there is a spot for it. Plan your next board meeting in our executive boardrooms, with top of the line projectors, and white boards to make sure you don’t miss a thing!  Our desks and offices give entrepreneurs and their teams the ability to prosper their ideas amongst one another, and network along with other creative individuals.


Our most welcoming facility fosters a community of networking to allow you a chance to connect with others who may be in the same or other potential marketable industries. Being an efficient facility you also have the ability to store personal or business belongings in a series of lockers, storage lockers, and executive storage lockers. Store your items on one of our three floors of storage lockers for appropriate organization and easy access.  There is no doubt whatever you need to store and save we have a place for it. Even your wine! Our wine storage unlike any other, is temperature controlled and humidity moderated to be sure your reds and whites are kept right! Everyone has valuables, and they should be protected. Along with your other belongings, bring in your valuables to be stored in our safety deposit boxes.  Our state of the art security ensures your most precious items are safely secured, properly stored, and always kept 100% confidential. Although we are up to date with the latest technology and offer our members blazing fast internet services, through emails, texts, Imessages, does anyone send letter mail anymore?
WE DO! Let us take care of incoming and outgoing mailing and packages, because let’s face it people are waiting to hear from you! There is no limit to what a multispace has to offer. It can be formed to fit all your needs, and solve problems you may not have realized existed. What is a multispace you ask? A multispace is a facility that offers flexibility, efficiency, security, modernized spaces, privacy, organization, networking and overly welcoming environment. Our multispace is whatever you need it to be!

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