Wining, Dining, and Storing at The Hub

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Did you know red wines age longer than white wines?

Typically red grapes when made into wine are older than white grapes giving it the red colour, and tannin helping them preserve for a greater period of time. Although the ingredients determine the aging period for both whites and reds, storage choices of bottles greatly impact the lifespan, taste and quality of wines.

At The Hub our unique wine storage is both humidity and temperature controlled to ensure a high standard wine storage solution. Temperature is regulated at 13 degrees celsius with an on going 65% humidity index.


One of the many benefits our wine storage clients receive is exclusive access to our famous Chateau room, highly recognized for its elegant ambiance and eye catching details. The chateau can be used for wine tasting, meetings, or as a venue for your next dinner party, your guests will be raving about.  Whether wine be your passion, or a social pleasure, the glasses we pour and share are a staple in our friend and family events. Store and preserve your bottles at The Hub so the next time you pour a glass of red or white, you know it will taste just right!

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