The Ability of Creativity-Gureilla Marketing


Marketing dates back as far as 4000 BC, when Egyptians used papyrus for sales messages and posters. The irony is that marketing was practiced before organizations were even established which is a much different practice than in todays world. It was not until the late 1900s when marketing tactics took off, eventually leading to the most traditional methods of radio, television and print when marketing and advertising campaigns began to become more common. 

Jay Corad Levinson suggested although television and print were on the rise, simultaneously they were on a forum of cliche, and Gureilla Marketing was introduced. Levinson suggested campaigns to be “shocking, unique, outrageous, and clever”. Originating from the term “Gureilla warfare”, meaning irregular warfare and small tactic strategies, Gureilla marketing was designed to help small businesses, with minimal budgets deliver large impacts. 

 Methods were soon adopted by larger corporations with much larger scaled budgets, and were used to create highly recognized marketing campaigns around the world. The purpose of Gureilla marketing is to use unconventional marketing tactics to attract a mass audience resulting in maximum results. 

When companies choose to use this untraditional marketing practice they are choosing to use a method that focus’s on taking consumers by surprise and incorporating methods that would be highly recognized in ones everyday routine. Used to create high “social buzz”, the possibilities in Gureilla marketing are elaborative and endless. The more creative, the more eye catching, the greater the impact, and the yield to the best results. 

For inspiration and innovative examples take a look at some of the best Gureilla Marketing techniques currently in the business world.

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